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 Arena Guide

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PostSubject: Arena Guide   Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:26 pm

This is For Newbie Guides

For Assassin Cross Only


Str - 255 for max dmg
Vit - 150 for exact hp
Luk - 200 for perfect dodge + Crit
Agi - the rest


Headgear -
[Upper] -> PyroVH or VH w/ Vanberk Card
[Mid] -> Blank Eye w/ Vanberk Card
[Lower] -> BB Wing - for perfect dodge and flee

Armor -> PyroVA or VA w/ Tao Gunka Card
Manteau -> PyroVM or VMw/ Aliot Card
Shoes -> PyroVS or VS w/ Eddga Card

Accesories - 30 points Attendance ea.
Megingjard w/ Hylozoist Card - Transform Ice Titan to Random Monster for Ice Titan,Flower and LHZ mobs
Megingjard w/ Errende Ebecee Card - auto casting Level 1 Pneuma for Sniper Arena

Weapons -
+10Main Gauche[4] - 1 Thanatos Card 1 Baphomet Card 2 The Paper Card
+10Orchish Axe[4] - 1 Dopel 3 Turtle General Card

if no Thanatos Card

Weapons -
+10Ice Pick[1] - 1 Dopel Card
+10Main Gauche[4] - 1Baphomet Card 2 The Paper Card 1 Turtle General Card

Enjoy Playing Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Arena Guide   Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:32 am

Very Helpful guide for the Newbies, Thanks BTW Dhen Smile
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Arena Guide

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