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 For Attendance Points

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Make some Ticket Shop NPC
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PostSubject: For Attendance Points   Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:41 pm

In-Game Name: lllllllllllllll / NayrZap

Suggestion: Ticket Shop

Description: if possible to put ticket ( credits/ET/etc tickets ) on the attendance shops. 1 ticket = 100 - 1000 cashpoints each / 1 invictus credit (10m ea) = 50 - 100 cash each. or it may depends on how do you decide on the prize

Pros: it allows newcomers ( any player without proper equipment to earn those tix and credits ) to be active always just to earn enough cash to buy those tickets that are needed for quest and credits. it will also attract players because the opportunity to get credits ( 10m ea ) and other tickets will be higher.

Cons: it will cause massive lag because of many online users.
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For Attendance Points

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