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Invictus RO

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PostSubject: INVICTUS RO REFERRALS   Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:06 am

More Players you gathered more Recruit Tickets to Recieved.

10 Pts per Recruit ( Active Player )
Requirements: Facebook Account, Recruiter must Avtive same as the Recruit.

Recruit Items Shop:

Red Vampire Helm -30 Rpts.
Blue Vampire Helm -30 Rpts.
Black Vampire Helm -30 Rpts.
White Vampire Helm -30 Rpts.

Red Vampire Wings -50 Rpts.
Blue Vampire Wings -50 Rpts.
Black Vampire Wings -50 Rpts.
White Vampire Wings -50 Rpts.

Fusion VH -70 Rpts.
Fusion Armor 100 Rpts.
Fusion Shield -70 Rpts.
Fusion Manteau -150 Rpts.
Fusion Shoes -130 Rpts.

Doom Sword -170 Rpts.

Enjoy PLaying Invictus Ragnarok Online
God Bless
[ God Father ]
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