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 Please Read before Posting.

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PostSubject: Please Read before Posting.   Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:33 am

Everyone wants to share their ideas in making the server experience an awesome gaming and a better community.
We greatly appreciated every ideas you make so don't hesitate to post one! =)

However, before making a topic, I would like everyone to follow the instructions below.

For the topic starter:

Step 1. Post a Topic with a POLL and create a title related to your suggestion.
Ex. Poring Catcher Event, Brazilian Hat Implementation
This would help anyone in voting for your suggestion and avoid spamming on the thread.
Minimum of 2 Poll Choices. (AGREE/DISAGREE or +1/-1)

Step 2. Fill the following information:
In-Game Name:

Screenshot/Photos: (optional)

Pros: (Positive side of the idea)
Cons: (Negative side of the idea)

Step 3. Post and wait for the comments and response of the staffs and players.

Note: Don't be disappointed if your idea was disapproved by the staffs.

For the commenters/voters:
Please state your comments or any violent reaction after voting.

***Anyone who will not follow the said instructions, all the topic/post created will be automatically deleted.

Thanks for supporting InvictusRO.

by: Integra™
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Please Read before Posting.

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