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 Report Section Rules

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PostSubject: Report Section Rules   Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:27 pm

Report Section Rules

I. Policies

- The aim of reporting is to report players that are violating our server rules. This is not a section for fame, glory and self interest.

- Reports are dealt with accordingly.

- You can only post a report one at a time.

II. Guidelines

1. Format

Report format is very important because it's easy to make a clear judgement if every things are organize. If you need to report someone be sure that you will follow the format below:


Name - Name of your character used.
Suspect/Accused - Name of the accused/suspect. Must be specific.
Abuse - Type of Abuse committed by the suspect. Refer to the Types of Abuses.
Explanation - How did it happen? When? Explain it briefly.
Evidence/Screenshot/Video - Evidences to prove that the accused should be punished. Screenshots must not be Edited, only allows IMG links not DIRECT link. For videos, Links are acceptable.

Note: If you missed one of the following elements we will discard your report right away without any single reply from staffs.
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Report Section Rules

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